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The Phantom of the Midway

I decided to take my neice Alexandra and her boyfriend Josh to San Diego for the weekend. We had a great time on the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum in San Diego harbor. I have been to the Midway a few times before, but this time we explored parts of the ship I had never seen including Pri-Fly and the Bridge.

I was sorry to hear the fireworks display in the bay went so badly this year. Nobody hurt but I understand all of the fireworks went off at once and the show was over in 12 seconds. Apparently about a thousand people had paid for viewing spots on the Midway's flight deck.

Pictured behind us in this fisheye / facebook style shot is an F4 Phantom II fighter / bomber which like all of the aircraft on the Midway has been wonderfully restored. A great day and a lot of fun.


The House Across the Street

Right after Manny and I dropped our suitcases off at our hotel in Washington DC, I asked him where he wanted to go first. He answered "Ford's Theater". Knowing that he had recently been studying Abraham Lincoln in school, I asked if he wanted to go to the White House first and walk the route that President Lincoln took to the theater on the night he was assassinated and he agreed.
Once we got to the White House we took some photos and video as well as checking out the secret service agents on the roof who were keeping a close eye on us tourists. I remember Manny saying "Wow, I can't believe I'm standing here!" I could definitely relate to he how felt, as I often feel the same way when walking around our nation’s capital.
We then decided to walk across Pennsylvania Avenue and explore Lafayette Square. While there, we were asked several times by other tourists to take photos of them with the White House as a background. I think they were fooled into thinking we knew how to use a camera based on the DSLR's we were carrying. We asked one these folks to return the favor and this is the shot they took. I think it turned out pretty nice. I like how you can see the Washington Monument rising behind the executive mansion.


Step into the Light

Step into the Light, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

Sony SAL70-300G Lens
3 exposures -2ev, 0ev, +2ev blended with Photomatix
Strobist: 2 HVL-F56AM off camera flashes left and right, 1 HVL-36AM hairlight with Gary Fong whale tail studio and blue gel.


This is Captain Jones from the flight deck...

Much to my surprise, here I am in the captain's seat of a Boeing 747-200.


Palace Color Storm

Palace Color Storm, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

Kathy and I return to the site of our wedding a little more than one year later.


Yes I like the theater, wanna make something of it?

In front of the OC Performing Arts Center's Sign for the Phantom of the Opera

Yes I like the theater, wanna make something of it?


Me with the Scooter

This A4 looks like it's been sitting outside for quite a while. Given the current state of the economy it could be quite a while before the talented folks at Chino California's Planes of Fame Museum get around to restoring it. This was a really nice day and a good time to be outside. It's days like this that remind me how good it is to live in California.

Me with the scooter


Me with my beautiful bride, Kathy

After we got married we rode a bus (yes a bus, easiest way to get around San Francisco) to city hall to file the paperwork. We got a lot of stares, smiles and congratulations when we got on and a big cheer when we alighted. I figure people thought we are on our way to get married but if they looked carefuly they would notice we were already wearing our rings. What a wonderful day!