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1941 Pontiac Timelapse

Kathy and I drove out to the City of Chino car show this morning. She initially said she wasn't going to go since it was going to rain. It ended up raining but later in the day. The clouds were very impressive so after taking just a few photos (too many cars with their hoods up) I shot this short timelapse video:



Red Fresco

Kathy and I made plans to go to 3 car shows on Saturday. Unfortunately 2 had been cancelled. The remaining show was in Rialto and was excellent. On the way home we stopped at the Chino Planes of Fame Museum. This is a MiG-17 fighter designed in Russia. The NATO code name for the MiG-17 is Fresco. All Russian fighters were assigned NATO code names that started with a letter F. For example, the names for the MiG-15, 19 and 21 were Fagot, Farmer and Fishbed respectively. This example has been nicely restored, its bright red and black paint stood out beautifully when compared to the other aircraft in this hanger which were mainly silver or grey. American pilots that encountered the MiG-17 over Vietnam quickly learned that trying to turn with this nimble aircraft would most likely result in the MiG shooting them down. The solution was to fight in the vertical plane, using the American aircraft's superior thrust to accelerate away from the MiG and re-engage from a more advantageous position. In the 1960's, a few flyable examples of the MiG-17 were "obtained" by U.S. intelligence agencies and participated in mock combat against American pilots and aircraft to train them in methods of effectively overcoming the MiG's advantages in the skies over Vietnam. One valuable lesson they learned was that at speeds over 450 knots, the MiG's control stick would partially lock up. American pilots engaged by the MiG were instructed to accelerate to 500+ knots and evade. The MiG would be unable to follow.


Double Trouble

Double Trouble, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

Two pristine P-51 Mustang fighters line up for their afternoon flight. An American design powered by a British engine, the P-51 was greatly feared by German pilots during World War 2. Kathy and I waited to see them take off and I have to say there is nothing in this world like the sound of the Merlin engine.


Glory Days

Glory Days, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

I was a little shocked to see the condition of this seemingly famous experimental aircraft. It was rotting away in the boneyard at the Chino Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA. It turns out this is just a television prop. It was built and used for a show called Quantum Leap in 1989. The actual X-2 became the first aircraft to fly higher than 100,000 feet with pilot Iven C. Kincheloe at the controls. It was lost after becoming the first aircraft to fly in excess of Mach 3. The pilot Milburn G. "Mel" Apt was killed and the test program was ended.


Ghost Squadron in Fading Light

These historic aircraft are awaiting funds and skilled hands to restore them to flight conditon. Making history by saving it, the Chino Planes of Fame museum is an amazing place.


F-86 Sabre

F-86 Sabre, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

This spit polish F-86 was spectacular and quite difficult to photograph without becoming part of the image. I've visited the Chino Planes of Fame museum many times but have never seen this aircraft before. I think it may have been on a short term loan. It would be amazing to see it fly!


Me with the Scooter

This A4 looks like it's been sitting outside for quite a while. Given the current state of the economy it could be quite a while before the talented folks at Chino California's Planes of Fame Museum get around to restoring it. This was a really nice day and a good time to be outside. It's days like this that remind me how good it is to live in California.

Me with the scooter