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On the Line

This Airbus A340 taxi's to its gate after landing at Los Angeles International Airport. I can't claim credit for thinking quickly and capturing this interesting view of the aircraft. The opportunity was pointed out to me and I happily fired off about 10 frames.

Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service - AirButt Greg-380

As of the time of this posting the cost of an economy class round trip flight on this QANTAS A380 from Los Angeles, California to Sydney Australia is $1,497 USD. I recently had the opportunity to tour this aircraft and while it was huge, the economy seats were small and leg room tight for someone as tall as I am. I know this for a fact because I tried one on for size.
The aircraft itself was amazing. I was stunned by the incredibly high-tech cockpit and at its massive size.
The A380 has an range of 9,756 miles which would guarantee that I would run out of ass before it ran out of gas.

Up and Over

We were parked very near the end of one of the runways at LAX waiting for this huge KLM 747 to make its turn on to final for landing. Kevin spotted it first and I was able to use my zoom lens to confirm that the approaching aircraft had 4 engines. This meant it was either the KLM 747 or an A380. It looked like it was going to pass directly overhead so I thought that perhaps switching from my zoom lens to my ultra wide 14mm would be a good idea. The only problem was that the aircraft was rapidly getting bigger and louder. I quickly got out of he car and dug in my backpack for the lens. I could hear the engines howling, blocking out all other sounds. I managed a very fast lens swap and swung my camera skyward just as this behemoth roared overhead. I managed to fire off about 10 frames using my new Sony A99. The focus tracking function worked perfectly! What an amazing experience this was. My ears are still ringing.

Leaving a Trail for Others to Follow

This huge MD-11 cargo plane leaves impressive vapor trails in the moist early morning air during its landing at Los Angeles International Airport. It was really interesting to see the various aircraft emerge from the fog surrounding the field and touch down while displaying such grace and power. The noise was deafening in some cases.


Take the "A" Train

Take the "A" Train, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

The new AeroTrain system at Washington Dulles International Airport features some spectacular architecture. The two glass tubes contain the train tracks. Automatically opening doors in the tubes allow passengers to board and disembark. The system currently serves the main terminal and three concourses. Eventually it will loop around the entire airport. Cost for the project so far $1.4 billion.


Please fasten your seatbelts [Explored]

This is where it gets interesting


Brachiosaurus Dinosaur at OHare Airport


The Field Museum's Brachiosaurus Dinosaur towers over Ohare's terminal one. I had just gone through the TSA's security checkpoint at United Airlines' terminal one at Chicago Ohare when I spotted this huge dinosaur towering above. It seems this is a replica of a Brachiosaurus that is in the collection of the Field museum. I need to visit! 

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur at OHare Airport, originally uploaded by big_pixel_pusher.

This is Captain Jones from the flight deck...

Much to my surprise, here I am in the captain's seat of a Boeing 747-200.