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The Taming of the Photons

Kathy had planned to attend the St. Hilary Car Show this year after we stopped by last year on our way to San Diego to start our California coast vacation. On that day she told me she was just going to take a quick look around but wasn't going to take any pictures. Uh huh. While she was looking around, I parked my van in a shady spot in front of the church and started cleaning my windows. Kathy returned after about 5 minutes, slid open the van's side door and grabbed her camera bag and tripod. She told me "I'm gonna take a few pictures, but I'll be back in about 10 minutes". Uh huh. I think she was gone for about 30 minutes before she returned to check on me. I gave her some water and she went back into the show again to shoot even more pictures. By this time my van's windows were spotless. Anyway, based on her experience last year, she knew this show had the potential to be good. We both got up early even though we wanted to sleep in and headed over. We arrived at the car show around 7:30. It wasn't supposed to start until around 10 but there were already 20 cars there and the weather was perfect for outdoor car photography. It was really foggy which means we had the advantage of very even lighting and no harsh shadows or blown highlights. It was as if we had purchased a mile wide softbox and were using it to beat those photons into submission, bending them to our will as we threw our heads back and laughed triumphantly. Revenge of the photo nerds. By the time the fog burned off and the sun came out of hiding, we had each shot more than 1,000 images, had our ear drums blasted by the live band (vocals were ok but distorted - get a sound board and someone to run it) and were trying to decide where to have lunch. I'll be posting some shots from this show in the next few weeks. I already reviewed them and I have some real keepers.

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